Corozal, Belize

About Corozal, 

The northernmost district (state) in the country, Corozal has long been overlooked by most tourists, although that is beginning to change. Near the district’s capital of Corozal Town can be found the Maya ruins of Santa Rita and Cerros.The ruins now known as Santa Rita once controlled vital trade routes between present-day Mexico and Guatemala.

After the Caste War ended in 1901 in neighboring Mexico, thousands of ethnic Mestizos emigrated to Corozal to become farmers. For most of Corozal’s modern history, the region was best known for its agriculture, particularly the sugar cane crop.

Now that tourists have begun to explore this beautiful area, Corozal has become a leading site for eco-tourism, with visitors docking to the fishing villages of Consejo and Sarteneja to experience an authentic taste of local life in Belize.

Corozal is also becoming a popular haven for expats and retirees from America and around the world, drawn to the town by its sleepy charm and easy access to affordable goods, high-quality medical care, and shopping opportunities just across the border in Mexico.

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