Punta Gorda, Belize

About Punta Gorda, 

Punta Gorda Town, commonly referred to by locals as “PG” or “PGT”, is the capital and largest municipality in Belize’s southern Toledo District. Although the name of the town comes from Spanish (meaning “Fat Point”), the town is primarily home to speakers of English, Creole, East Indian languages and Mayan dialects. Why You Have to Visit Punta Gorda On Your Vacation This small fishing town on the Gulf of Honduras is the gateway to the deep south of Belize.

The area nearby is home to some of the country’s best cacao plantations, the principle ingredient of chocolate. PG is also a great jumping o point to explore nearby rivers, caves, Maya ruins and mountains. PG is an eclectic mix of different peoples, and is considered a major center for Garifuna drumming culture as well as other forms of traditional music. The town is laid out along the waterfront, ideal for relaxing strolls or stopping at small bars and cafes. The Garifuna people refer to Punta Gorda as “Peini”.

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